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Well BeanZ

Are you looking for...

🍄 a wellbeing provision for your children?

🍄 a professional with specific training in                  wellbeing, yoga and drama?

🍄 peace of mind during your PPA?

🍄 an opportunity for your children to explore            their emotions and build their confidence              internally and in their physical bodies?

You are in the right place! 🌺

Well BeanZ are weekly wellbeing sessions for children.

Yoga, storytelling and mental wellbeing are at the core of every session.

Children learn so much about themselves through play.

This is why storytelling and adventure play such a big role in every session.

Each session:

☀️ includes yoga

☀️ has a mindfulness section

☀️ involves drama and storytelling workshops

☀️ will include either music, art or dance

☀️ is pitched to the age and developmental abilities of the children

☀️ explores big emotions and coping mechanisms

☀️ promotes confidence, creativity, collaboration and communication

☀️ is a warm, welcoming and FUN environment

We deliver these sessions in different

ways to suit your setting🌺

Download our school booklet here

Weekly Sessions will take place at Springboard in Horsham

Wednesdays 9.30-10.15am 2-3yr olds

Wednesdays 10.30-11.15am 4+yr olds

£6 per session or £5 per session for block bookings


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