Wedding Entertainment

Portrait of laughing children bride and

There is a vision for this wedding and we want to make sure that we match it! It's not called the 'big day' for no reason. Tell us what the plan is for day and when you need the children entertained.

Not sure yet? Here are some suggestions for you. The best times to get in that extra pair of hands and help the children to expel their relentless energy are the following:

  • The pictures. We suggest some light entertainment at this point, something to keep the kids busy, but not completely engrossed that they won't come for their photos. A popular form of entertainment here is the bubbles and balloon picnic.

  • The speeches. This is when you want the children whisked off for some non-stop fun! Then the grown-ups to do all their very important talking, without fidget bums getting restless and bored. 

Just a couple of suggestions, but you need to tell us what is planned for the wedding and when the children will want their entertainment. We can work together on the perfect package. 

All the characters are available for you to choose from. The programme built for you will include some or all of the following activities

  • Adventure workshop

  • Story Telling

  • Magic

  • Balloon modelling

  • Glitter tattoos

  • Games

  • Music and dancing

  • Bubbles

  • Parachutes

  • Silly puppets

Tell us what you've got planned for the big day!