The ultimate guide to a children’s birthday party

This plan started with the initial thought,

“How lovely would it be for Tilly to celebrate with her birthday with her friends.”

Then the thought grew to research,

“I wonder what is on offer”.

Then the research led to Pinterest, which led to an ideas folder, which led to…

Well I am sure it led you to here!

Kids party ideas are short from lacking in today’s world, which can be exciting and overwhelming.

I am going to hold your hand and guide you through the world of your child’s birthday plan. Let’s start by breaking it down into the key areas.

Or you can skip to the end and go straight to our party packages for ideas.

  1. The date (oh yes, one of the most important details!)

  2. Where. Party venue, village hall, living room, park, swimming pool, oh where will it be this be year?

  3. Numbers. How many children you intend to invite will influence the rest of your decision making, so it is good to have that number clear in your head from the start.

  4. The theme! What is hot topic in your house this year?

  5. Decorations. This can be a small or gigantic topic. Let’s see shall we.

  6. Food! Oh yes food and refreshment takes a lot care and consideration. We have a few pointers, right down to our customised nut-free, dairy-free, halal, vegan, gluten-free, kid friendly menu (which can all be bought at the supermarket!)

  7. Party favours. Bags are more traditional, but with the choices you have today, it may end up being something completely different on your plan.

  8. Invitations. This is an exciting subject which we just LOVE!

  9. Entertainment. Oh very important when you have a large number of children, all extremely excited about the day and the concept of BIRTHDAY PARTY!

  10. Your team. This is most likely your family and friends, make sure they all know what you need from them to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Right let’s get onto the meaty part. Recommendations, referrals, techniques and tips all coming your way!

The Date

Why have we started with this small detail?

It isn’t a small detail at all, it is HUGE!

Check the calendar and see what is happening before you make any commitments.

Things to check for:

  • Holidays: bank, school, fathers and mothers’ days, Easter, Christmas, May Day.

You want to avoid clashing with one of these dates as everyone tends to make plans around them. Off on camping trips, a catch up with relatives, off to Maldives for some serious sandcastle building in the sun!

If your little one has a birthday in holidays, book your date EARLY.

Check in with your friends and family for any potential, then GO FOR IT!

Plenty of warning and lots of reminders, you should be fine.

Remember each area has different term dates too.

Check in on Google in case some of your guests are coming from another zone.

  • Venues tend to be tricky to get hold of at these times too, so it is advised you get ahead of the game and book early. Four months in advance is probably the safest you can leave it for these holiday dates.

  • Events: school fetes, family fun days, scout camping trip.

It is good to remind yourself of what everyone else is doing as well as your birthday star. If half the class are members of the scouts and a camping trip is planned for the same weekend, it will be a small guest-list.

We often have parents encounter clashes with the school events after they have made their bookings. It is hard to keep track of everything that is going on in your own house, let alone the movements of the whole class/school.

So just use this checklist when you are making your decision.

  • · Day of the week

After school parties aren’t considered very often, but they are such a great choice!

- All the kids are already in one place, so choosing a venue that is on top of your school would be perfect.

- You have just sorted dinner out for the class, which will make you very popular with the parent squad.

- Children’s entertainers are often much cheaper on the weekday, so great for budget crunching (we are one them, cheaper fees during the week). Check out our weekday prices here.

  • Saturday verses Sunday

Saturdays are the MOST POPULAR day of choice for parties. It is also the most popular day for swimming lessons, karate and football club and such things.

Though it is understandable why Saturday is so popular. You have got the whole of Sunday to recuperate. Longer business hours for venues and shops (in case of any last-minute juice related emergencies).

Sussex and Surrey always have events on at the weekend. London is only up the road and is thriving at the weekend, with so many options of things to do with the family ANY time of year. This is the luxury of living so close to such a wonderful city. Do check to see if there are any big events happening that may be popular with your birthday star’s guests.

If you go for a Sunday though, you may have more flexibility with venues and entertainers.

We are always fully booked on Saturdays; Sundays are much more flexible.

Check the CraZy BeanZ calendar now by getting in touch through our contact form.


What is going to be the perfect birthday party venue for you?

Living in the South you have so many traditional and unique options available.

We love this article on children’s birthday party venues in London. Even if you don’t live in London, the pictures and ideas give you a lot to think about.

I wonder if Hamley’s would let the CraZy BeanZ have a sleepover package for our Christmas Party?

Ok those are big budget and are not ideal for whole class parties, especially if you need to travel. Having something local is much more ideal when you’re inviting the whole class and all the cousins. Not to mention the Beavers pack! Local venue for local guests and less of a journey for the cake!

There are so many factors that will influence your decision in choosing the perfect venue, so we have broken it down into a tree diagram for you. Where you land is our recommendation for venue type.

Numbers, invites, food

How many children will you be inviting?

If your little one is at school, then it is most likely that you will be inviting the whole class. Average class size is 30. This can be added to if your little one wants to include friends from outside of school, from clubs.

Are there cousins and siblings to consider?

It is down to YOU how many you invite as you’ll be the one preparing the invites, party bags and food.

That is if you don't use our stress-free services of course. CraZy BeanZ have a food service, provide a video invite for free and have a to hand list of local party bag providers.

**Did you know some entertainers have limits on numbers of children?**

Not us! You can invite as many as you like. As long as there is a safe ratio of adults to children in case of emergency, then we are all good.

CraZy BeanZ entertainers have advanced behaviour and engagement management training, so they are capable of handling a large group of kids.

Now you know how many children you are inviting; you’ve got to think about the food.

First you need to consider any allergies and dietary requirements of your tiny guests.

In a world with increasing food options, we have increasing food differences.

If you order food with CraZy BeanZ, we include the dietary questions on our invite, with our email address, so parents can get in touch directly before the big day. This takes away many headaches and gives you the greatest gift of all, 'TIME'.

Preparing the food yourself? We love this kids party food hack video provided by Tesco. Kate talks about portion sizes, presentation and truly has an understanding of how children consume.

If you are feeling flamboyant and have a team of happy helpers, check out some of the kids party food hacks that will change your life on Pinterest. They are so beautiful!

Or you can try one of our five top tips for preparing children's party food.

Tip 1: Hire a caterer. Oh swanky swoo, but if you can afford it, do it! You’ll save yourself the time, stress and be supporting a local business. They’ll also be pros at tailoring to dietary requirements.

Tip 2: Check out the CraZy BeanZ kid safe menu. Email for your copy.  We have put together a simple menu that should hopefully address all dietary requirements, in one easy shop. Not got time to buy it? Click and collect or order online. Failing that, find a spare family member and ask them for this teeny tiny favour and to just grab a few bits on their way over, then send them the list. “Thank you, love you, see you soon. X”

Tip 3: Have a food focused party. The children can have fun preparing their own food and mastering a life skill at the same time, while you snap a quick photo and sample another sip of that delicious cappuccino. Many Italian places hold pizza making parties, the kids love it. Or if you want something extra special, The Crafty Cupcake hold cupcake making parties. Oh how delicious! That is the cake sorted too. Stick a candle in, boom! Parent of the year award. We do party cakes too, order yours by following the link. The perfect partner for a CraZy BeanZ party.

Tip 4: Picnic party, hurray! If everyone brings their own food, you’re sorted. If you’ve got a winter birthday, do a pot luck party.  A pot luck party; everyone brings a dish and then you all tuck in. Yum!

Tip 5: Takeaway! Pizza has always been a popular one for a takeaway feast, but the choice is yours. Many are starting to do GF and DF options now, so more options for your little feeders. If you’re lucky enough to get your gig on a Tuesday, you can take advantage of the 2for1 offers. Keep collecting those takeaway vouchers shoved through your letter box for the big day. You’ll get plenty for your money.


We are blessed with a global network of kid’s party ideas.

The THEME is so much fun and quite important.

First piece of advice we give all our families. LET THE KIDS DECIDE! It is their party! Don’t worry about what the other kids are into in their class.

“Oh I am not sure everyone likes Frozen in your class?”

If you have good entertainment planned, the kids won't mind what the theme is.

Did you know...

Being invited to a birthday party is the most gratifying social interaction you can get when you are at school.

As a primary school teacher, I can tell you, party invitations are leverage in social debates. The birthday party politics I hear from the children is relentless. Little do they know their declarations are redundant because it is Mummy or whoever is organising this shindig, that gets the final say on the invite list.

Anyway, it’s not their birthday party and when it is, I hope they get to choose their theme too. As long as you have all inclusive entertainment running, the children will be happy.

Kids LOVE birthday parties.

Having the freedom to run around and play for a FULL TWO HOURS, eating treats and delights and NO SCHOOL UNIFORM!

It is such a thrill to be out of the classroom and together in this environment.

Phew, think I made my point there. Providing the perfect birthday party is a passion of mine, I am sure you have noted.


What will the children be DOING at this party?

Will they be passing a parcel for two hours?

We’ve all seen how that turns out!

Will they be running up and down the stairs of your house until the light fixtures fall from the ceiling? Hopefully not.

Now if you have gone for a venue that provides activities, like a soft-play centre, then you are pretty much sorted for entertainment.

If you have a venue without this feature, then you need a plan.

If you have decided to run the activities yourself, take a deep breath and start planning.

Here are some hot top tips to keep the little nippers busy for two hours.

  • Plan every single minute.

  • Games should average 3-5 minutes to maintain attention span.

  • Model the games and avoid talking at length.

  • Use non-elimination games to avoid inactivity and tears.

  • Make sure someone is handling the food if you are handling the activities. Best to never leave that number of children unoccupied. Getting their attention again will be tiring.

  • Manage and engage the kids to avoid disruptive behaviour. Bored kids, confused kids, unoccupied kids, nervous kids, tired kids, dejected kids, are all kids that may find it hard to stay on track.


Take the pressure off and call in a professional. I never try to fix my car myself. I always get someone who knows what they are doing to do it. I am sure I could YouTube my way through, but it is time consuming and way too much effort on a skill that won’t really serve me in my life’s purpose.

For an award winning entertainment service, look no further... CraZy BeanZ Party Packages

Are you not in your area? No worries, here are some tips to help you make you choose a worthy performer.

How to choose an entertainer

All you really need to ask are the following questions…

  • Are they engaging?

  • Are they fun?

  • Are they skilled?

  • Are they likeable?

If the answer to all of these is YES, then you’re onto a winner.

But how do you get the answers? EVIDENCE!!!! Ask your friends, read reviews, watch their videos, ask on parent platforms.

You can’t afford to cut the cost! Honestly, if you go for the cheapest entertainer on a quote list, you risk low quality entertainment.

There is a lot of skill that goes into managing a large group of children. This is one of the reasons why childcare professionals are in continuous training.

You want an entertainer who is skilled and trained in the arts.

You want an entertainer who is trained in behaviour and engagement strategies.

You want an entertainer with high energy and stamina.

You want an entertainer who can tell a story.

You want an entertainer who understands pitch and pace.

You want an entertainer who is passionate about their little clients.

Oh I could go on, but you may be nearing the end of that cup of coffee you started with this article.

Types of entertainment

If you are doing a class party, you want an entertainer that is going to entertain the WHOLE class.

This is the type of entertainment we provide.

Engaging throngs of children in our adventure party plots, we have no limit on the number of children you can invite and a rigorous engagement training programme.

Parent’s often remark on how much pressure is lifted at our events. That is a key part to hiring an entertainer, making your child’s birthday party stress-free and engaging!

For smaller parties, we need a whole other article!

Here is a quick list to keep you going (maybe next year is going to be much smaller?) These are perfect for groups of less than 10.

  • Baking party at home or in a restaurant with that feature

  • Lazer tag

  • Birthday bowling

  • Ice Skating party

  • Trampoline park birthday

  • Birthday Sleep over

  • Movies

  • Special birthday picnic

  • Theme Park

  • Slime making at home

  • Swimming pool party

  • Inflatables

  • Climbing

  • Pamper boutique

  • BMX

  • Cycling

  • Birthday crafting

  • Multi-player console competition

And so on. These are definitely not good for the WHOLE CLASS! Unless you are super brave and have a solid team of chaperones backing you up.

Your Team

Don’t do it alone!!!

Find your support network and use them.

It could be family members, or you pair up for a joint party, neighbours, other parents.

Utilise your community and allocate. Trying to do it all on your own will get to be too much and you’ll miss out on the fun!

This is your day too!

As much as the kids will deny it, we treasure the day they came to this planet too. Some of us are the reason you have this birthday little one!

That’s it folks!

These are all our best bits of advice. We have mentioned areas in the south of England, but a lot of this advice can be applied to any area of the UK. Even the WORLD!!!!

Fun and Sparkles

Human BeanZ!