Easy meal with the tiny folk

Simple Dahl and Pan bread

Baby BeanZ loves this meal. He asks for it on a regular basis. One of the reasons he loves it, is because we always make it together.

Although, he isn't as involved as he thinks he is. Mummy BeanZ has a few tricks up her sleeve when dealing with this three year.

If your kids are older, then they can do SOOOOOO much more than Baby BeanZ.

I will be frank with you now though. I am a children's entertainer, not a chef. This recipe is honest and truly how I make it. If you want specific measurements and units and something else technical that only a professional chef would know, this is not the recipe for you.

Let's get on with it shall we!


I say recipe, more like steps.

Measurements are more guestimations. I think it is better this way anyway, becuase then you can make adjustments according to you and your families tastes.

Where do we start? Oh yeah! Ingredients.

Here are the ingredients in picture form... (yes that is COVID-19 updates on the phone there)

This is what we used anyway.

There are two ways you can do this. If you have a crock pot, then you can copy us.

If you have got traditional pans, then you'll need to pot watch some more.

Crock pots are great for saving time, but I am sure that is not anyone's issue at the moment (24th March 2020)

Crock Pot Method:

1) Chop up the stuff that needs chopped. You know what I mean!

2) Shove it all in the crock pot.

3) Set to 10 mins. We use stew or soup or bean setting. I am sure I change it each time as can't remember what I did before.

If you want specifics: I used a bunch of lentils (you want 2 parts water 1 part lentils for cooking). Shoved in some spices. Lobbed in loads of turmeric because that's our favourite and the internet says it is really good for you. Poured in the stuff that pours.

TOP TIP: Spike your kids with some nutrition. The nutritional yeast flakes are a big favourite in our household as we are plant based. These little beauties add so much nutrition into any dish and give it a fun tang. They are not essential, just something that we like to add.

Pans method.

1) Chop it, fry it a bit.

2) Add the spices

3) Add the tomatoes

4) Add the lentils and stock

5) Add any other bits

6) Bring to a boil and then simmer until the lentils have absorbed the water. Stir it so it doesn't burn, when it needs it.

Pan Bread


Flour, water and salt! That's it!!!!

We don't get too fancy on this last part. We use the bread to scoop up lashings of dahl. So yum!!!

Again, I don't use measurements. I just scoop out the flour and think, yep that's enough! If it isn't I just make more. If it is too much, I eat too much.


1) Flour in bowl

2) Salt in bowl (if you like it salty, use tons)

3) Add a bit of water to help it bind. Stir with a spoon first, then knead when it is binded. If you add too much water, just add more flour again until you get the ratio right.

4) Roll it out into round shapes. Size it however big or small you want it. Roll it quite thin.

5) Heat a teeny tiny bit of oil in the pan. So small, otherwise the bread gets oily.