Outdoor children's parties 2021. Upcycle and DIY picnic projects you can do too!

Happy summer everyone! Ok it's still technically spring, but I am just so excited about all the big events coming up this summer I just can't help myself!

Loads of families are getting in touch and talking about the different ways they are celebrating the summer this year.

  • Happy summer parties

  • Make-up birthday was in lock-down parties

  • Real- time birthday parties for the summer born (I am one of them!)

  • Family festivals

  • Family fun days

  • Year 6 leavers (this year and last year who missed their big finish)

  • I just want to play all day with my friends because it is finally safe and we can parties!!!!

I want to share with you what I have been doing to prepare for our big outdoor events this year.

I have been shopping, upcycling and planning like a (what is known for planning like crazy? Got it), teacher! @teach_read_play you know what I am talking about.

If anything I show you today inspires you, please share your creations and events with us! We love pictures, videos, stories and conversations!

The Rainbow Package

First I created the amazing Rainbow Package, which was a dream and now a reality, of everything in one beautiful, colourful summer package.

Our glorious rainbow bell tent, Bella BeanZ, with her vibrant colours, matching the home land of the CraZy BeanZ.

A picturesque picnic set-up, all made with upcycled and reusable items.

Two hours of non-stop, true CraZy BeanZ style children's party entertainment

Delicious, allergy-safe and environmentally friendly party food for kids

And the show-stopper cake!

Putting this package together was lots of fun and such a dream come true when we finally got it up and running.

Upcycled, re-usable props and set

Here at CraZy BeanZ we are ALL very passionate about the environment and the beautiful planet earth that you humans dwell on. Children's parties can have such a huge impact on the environment, with lots of single use plastic and throw-away items used frequently. We see it all the time and never feel easy about it.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There are lots of little and big changes we can make to avoid the party from being an environmental hazard.

Pallet Picnic Tables

I want to start with my absolute favourite item, the pallet picnic tables.

I upcycled some solid deck small pallets, which were the perfect size for children's picnic food.

First I got the pallets from a printing company, who receive them in abundance. They were really kind and let me search through for a size and style that would be child friendly and picnic perfect.

Next I got my sanding machine, (when I say mine I mean my dad's) and sanded the pallets smooth.

The final step was painting them with a few layers of some lovely white shed paint.

Pretty easy peasy!

Even 4 year old Baby BeanZ had a try at sanding and painting. He was a master builder in his own words.

Who's going to try this at home? I highly recommend it.


This project is still in the making. I have some rainbow bunting left over from past events, which I have been using on the guy ropes for the time being. However, this is slowly being replaced by knitted bunting.

I just LOVE the way this looks. So quaint and colourful. Plus I love to create and this is the perfect past-time while watching a box set or supervising a Lego build I am not to be part of.

Handmade patchwork blanket

The sewing machine and I have been getting very well acquainted lately. I have been looking out for and collecting fabric to recycle and use for our picnic blankets. As you can see I have been very successful in saving materials from the skip and turning them into these beauties.

Unfortately the textile industry is having a colossal affect on the environment. Recycling clothes and fabrics is one of the best things we do at the moment. Plus searching through YouTube for upcycle clothing projects is too much fun!

There are also environmentally friendly fabrics out there, so learning to use the sewing machine has been a great lockdown hobby overall. Save the planet, one bootleg at a time!

The lunch boxes