Our 2021 Roadmap

As we count down to the summer, the excitement in CraZy BeanZ Land can hardly be contained.

After a year of no children's parties, no festivals, no events, no weddings, NO HAIRCUTS, (ok we may have snuck in a haircut last summer), we are finally getting out into the open again.

There is much in the pipeline for CraZy BeanZ this year. Not only are we very excited about relaunching our full children's party packages in June, we have many other child related projects in the making.

So without further ado, here is our 2021 roadmap...

April and May

Garden parties and outdoor events are already in full swing. CraZy BeanZ have been visiting birthday parties, Easter egg hunts and we will soon be visiting soft play, farms and local events. Keep up to date for these on our Instagram and Facebook pages...

June and July



Yes, we have already started filling up the calendar. Some of you are spending your 2020 party credit, others are coming in for their first ever CraZy BeanZ event.

Our calendar is looking so much brighter from June, with birthday party entertainment , festivals, weddings and so much more.

Lots of make-up parties are taking place too. Did you have an event take place in lockdown that you are saving for the summer?

New stuff with sparkles on the side

We have two new additions coming to the team later this year. First up Bella BeanZ.

Our beautiful new 5m bell tent joined the team this month. Bella BeanZ is not just a 5m bell tent, she is also a RAINBOW bell tent. Perfect for the CraZy BeanZ who all live over the rainbow.

Bella BeanZ is perfect for;

  • picnic parties

  • an amazing stage for our workshops and entertainment provisions

  • gardens, festivals, greens, the moon! (Maybe not that last one)

AND she looks incredible in photos.

Bella BeanZ and all her trimmings are ready for 2021 bookings and going to be very popular.

Bella's value is £200 per event, with the options to add on food and cake for private events.

Email me your dates hello@crazybeanz.co.uk

What is Well BeanZ?

Well BeanZ are weekly wellbeing sessions for children.

Yoga BeanZ, story telling and mental well being are at the core of these new sessions. It wouldn't be a CraZy BeanZ package without colour and sparkle, so we are packing each session with a unique adventure.

Each session will:

  • include yoga for kids

  • mindfulness for kids

  • drama and story telling workshops

  • play with either music, art and dance

  • be pitched to the age and developmental abilities of the children

  • explore big emotions and coping mechanisms

  • promote confidence, creativity, collaboration and communication

  • be a warm, welcoming and FUN environment.

Who are the Well BeanZ sessions for?

Children aged 2 to teen will benefit from these sessions. We plan around the ages and abilities of the children in attendance to ensure it is accessible to all attending.

We are on the lookout for suitable:

  • schools

  • nurseries

  • clubs

  • venues and various locations

Do you think your child's school, club or nursery would benefit from a weekly dose of

Well BeanZ?

Pop through a message to me today and we can chat more about the programme.


The return of Story Scenes

We are on the lookout for a venue in Horsham to re-start our toddler drama classes. As soon as we have somewhere suitable, you will know! Oh we can't wait to tell stories, sing songs and introduce an array of puppets in these toddler sessions.

Mini Mayhem is one of our confirmed venues. More to come...

We also host these sessions in.

  • nurseries and pre-schools