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Hello Human BeanZ!

You have all been real life super heroes, taking on the your new roles as teachers and home educators. It isn't an easy job. Even harder when they're your OWN KIDS! They always act up for us don't they?

We here at CraZy BeanZ have been working as a team to create a home entertainment/education programme to help you with your lock-down activities.

The schools have been incredible and are providing what they can to cover the core subjects while the children remain at home. As well as MANY OTHER THINGS, there are subjects that will be missed during this time.

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In our home entertainment programme we have created content that helps to plug some of these gaps in curriculum, giving focus to the expressive and physical subjects (as well as a bit of maths and literacy just because we can). Each programme you see listed above has 5 15-30 minute sessions.

Gemma is a qualified primary school teacher and has been overseeing the planning and making sure everything is mapped alongside the national curriculum. You can see details of this on our full programme here...

For children and families in lock-down, we have activities for...

  • early years, which are your toddlers and preschoolers. 3-5 years

  • Key stage one, which are the our 5-7 year olds

  • Key stage two, 7-11 year olds

We cover PE, drama, dance, music, maths, literacy and expressive arts through these sessions.

As well as a multitude of soft-skills including our favourite 4Cs





You can see the variety of performance and story telling mediums we have available. The children will have something to share with you after each session.

Are the kids feeling super brave? Perhaps they can send in a video, story or picture of what they have mastered in one of our programmes.

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Any questions fire away.

Otherwise let me know today if you would like to subscribe your household to our programme.

Once you are subscribed, you have unlimited access to the FULL programme.

If you are only purchasing one course you will also have unlimited access to that particular programme.

This is so the kids can back over content to really help them master those routines and journeys.

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