Elfy BeanZ Doorstep Visits in Tier 2

Hello Human BeanZ,

We have just had the update for South East England and we are officially in a Tier 2 status due to raising rates of COVID-19 in our area.

Not to worry though, a good elf always prepares.

Christmas has pulled through many global disasters over the centuries and this year is no different.

Elfy BeanZ visits will all be outdoors either on your...

- Doorstep

- In your garden

- On your driveway

- Or another outdoor space that suits your property.

Elfy BeanZ comes from the North Pole and Father Christmas has made sure all his elves have weather proof clothing.

Your little human BeanZ may need some extra protection.

Here are our best elf and safety and mummy tips for your upcoming open door, open air magical home elf visits.

- Thermals

- Jumpers

- Scarfs, hats, gloves and snugglies

- Raincoats and wellies

- A steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows to follow

- Lots of warm hugs

- Baby gate on the front door for your puppies and tiny ones

We also recommend checking your outdoor lighting if you are having an after dark visit.

Not booked your visit yet?

No problem, pop along to the website and get booking quick.


**Don't forget to send your address so we can check Elfy BeanZ's journey times.**

So what actually happens when Elfy BeanZ comes to visit your home?

These personalised alternative grotto visits are full of magic, music, dance, singing, story telling and the giving of gifts.

Elfy will know the children by name, their achievements from the year and have a message from FATHER CHRISTMAS!!!

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