Easter Egg Hunts and ideas

Yay it is nearly Easter!

It feels particularly special this year, 2021. Last year here in the UK we were running Easter egg hunts and Easter activities for our children in our homes and gardens.

I actually really loved our Easter last year, my little pickle and I. Baby BeanZ had the pleasure of hunting for home made Easter eggs in the garden. He was just as mystified and delighted as the year before.

Our family tradition is to hunt for little eggs in the woods. I have to say, I am quite excited about getting back out there this year! Easter egg hunt in the woods, here we come! The Easter Bunny has also confirmed that she is a delivery service, so can plant her Easter Egg hunts as usual. Hurray!!!

With things still being shut down this year, we have to get creative again and plan something for our little ones.

Here are some lovely ideas I have either tried, been told about or just made up now!

Low- Sugar, Healthy Eating Easter Bunny Trail

If your children are anything like mine, sugar brings out the evil!

I do my best to promote healthy eating in our home and I have found one of the best methods is FUN.

What does the Easter Bunny like to have dinner?


How about this year, we track down the bunny on our Easter Egg hunt by following a trail of yummy carrots? It can be all manner of veges of course, because rabbits do like veg.

Then we can have a nibble in front of our children, because our kids love to copy us! More than they like to listen to us of course.

Maybe your bunny leaves a little pot of hummus on the trail too for dipping? Oh yummy bunny! Thanks for the snacks.

At the end of the trail the children can then find their big prize, which can be whatever you want it to be:

  • An Easter egg

  • An Easter party

  • An Easter activity, perhaps a craft activity

  • An Easter toy

  • An Easter movie!

Oh so many ideas. Either way, we have filled our children with veges on the way and offset whatever may come next.

Hosted Easter Egg Hunt

Outsourcing can be your saviour. You will save yourself lots of time and leave the planning in the hands of someone who has made a profession out of it. You're guaranteed high results and happy kids.

Depending on your budget, there are many things you can do with the kids that are outsourced.

  • National Trust trails. Your local National Trust sites are guaranteed to have events on. They're always in beautiful grounds and well thought out each year. National Trust are also fantastic at keeping the children connected to nature and the outdoors with their trails, working in learning into every Easter trail.

  • Hire a children's entertainer! Children's entertainers often have seasonal activities. If you do hire a children's entertainer to host your Easter party or Easter Egg hunt, the kids will have so many activities, adventure and wonderful experiences planned out for them. This is a great option for something personalised.

Chocolate for everyone!

We have put together a list of recommendations for a variety of Easter Egg chocolate alternatives.

Here we have a list of recommendations that include vegan chocolate eggs, nut-free chocolate and sugar-free chocolate eggs.

Enjoy and let us know if you use any!

Top ten Vegan Easter eggs, including sugar-free and nut-free Easter egg options.

Mummy Meagz Vegan Chuckie Egg

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, may contain traces of nuts

This little vegan creme egg lookalike is so scrummy!

The first year I discovered them in Holland and Barret, they were sold out constantly. I haven't found them in our local branch this year, but you can get them online.


Mummy Meagz is also doing a vegan Easter Egg this year!

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, may contain traces of nuts

Again you can get these at Holland and Barrett.

Oh yummy mummy! Mummy Meagz is great fun to follow on instagram too. @mummymeagz

Doisy and Dam vegan good eggs

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, may contain traces of nuts

Mini egg vegan alternatives, these are so yummy! Perfect for filling Easter baskets and nests.


Coco Caravan handmade vegan caramel eggs are amazing!

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, no refined sugar

Not only do they have delicious and vegan friendly ingredients, they are also packaged in sustainable packaging! Yay! We love this company.


Floral Frosting Bakes have some amazing handmade vegan Easter treats.

These sell out so quickly, so you have to hop on it to get them in time.


Buttermilk Easter Eggs are in two varieties this year. Zingy Orange and Salted caramel.

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, may contain traces of nuts, may contain traces of soya

These are so delicious and very easy to grab in the supermarket. Be careful how many you buy though, because you will devour them quickly!


Booja Booja Large Chocolate Truffle Filled Easter Egg

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, no refined sugar

This dairy-free Easter egg is such a luxury. With organically grown ingredients and no refined sugar, it is divine!


Happi Free From Oat Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, may contain traces of nuts

We are such a fan of Oat Milk at CraZy BeanZ HQ. It is one of the best milk alternatives you can give children in my opinion. And it is soooooo yummy!!!


Nomo Choc Easter Eggs

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, Nut-Free

These are great for all sorts of allergies and dietary requirements. Nomo are advertised as dairy, egg and nut-free! We have eaten lots of Nomo in and outside of Easter celebrations.


Ombar Chocolate

Dairy-Free, Egg-free, may contain traces of nuts, no refined sugar

Oh what a yummy and guilt-free chocolate this one is!

We recommend this one because of how delicious it is. While they may not have any Easter egg products, Ombar have a lovely Easter Craft activity to help you with your presentation.

You could also get an egg mold and melt down the chocolate if you like to create things yourself.


Yay! Easter time!

Have an amazing weekend folks. If you are out and about in Horsham, come and catch us at Dance in the Park On Saturday 3rd of April and again on the 8th. Click the picture for more info.

Fun and Sparkles!

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