CraZy BeanZ is in Trouble!

Hello Human BeanZ,

Wow! What a crazy few months we have had.

As we approach September, things are looking bleak for CraZy BeanZ.

In this article I am going to be completely open and honest with our situation and how we are being affected by the pandemic.

Since March we have pretty much been out of business, due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

Yes we have had some success with online entertainment, but we have spent more on refunds and business costs than we have earned. The next few gigs we have coming up are all allocated to refunds for August and September events and business costs.

When lock-down first presented itself, we had about three months worth of funds to keep us afloat.

It is almost six months later and we still haven't been able to return to full business!

There is a little hope with the update made last week, but we have been given strict instructions to get approval from our local council on whether or not we can operate. West Sussex County Council haven't been able to give us a clear answer, so we are in the throws of contacting our local MP, in collaboration with other local entertainment companies.

Entertainers across the country are doing the same in their areas. When we have a clear yes or no, we will be able to update you on what the new COVID-safe party format will look like. Lots of planning and prep has been taking place behind the scenes.

If we do get the ok, we will still be limited in what business we can do as there will be many who will not feel comfortable about running children's parties. A lot of fear and anxiety remains as the virus looms, meaning many humans are opting for caution. It will be a very long time before we can run the business as successfully as we were before March 2020, guidelines or not.

Those of you that don't know me yet, I am Gemma and I am the founder of CraZy BeanZ.

I started writing plans for the company when I was on maternity leave with my first and only son, who you fondly know as 'Baby BeanZ'. I raise the little beansprout on my own. Really you can call me Mummy and Daddy BeanZ.

At the beginning of the year I moved myself onto PAYE, which meant I didn't qualify for the Self-employment grants provided by the government. Furlough was out of the question, so we have been surviving on universal credit. Anyone with any experience of this will know what it is like.

I do have a second profession, which is teaching. I have been substitute teaching during the quiet seasons. Well, it is safe to say that no sub requests have come through since lock-down. With the schools being shut and now re-opening under strict guidelines, it is very tricky for schools to welcome in outside parties.

On the breadline has become our reality.

What's next?

I am clinging on and am determined not to let the company go. A letter has been sent Jeremy Quinn to get the local approval we need to operate COVID-safe entertainment.

For future bookings, we will no longer be taking deposits or advance payments. We can't risk another lock-down infused mass-refund. Deposits are what keep the business costs ticking over, so we will be suffering immensely through this decision, but this is the lesser of two difficult decisions.

Christmas bookings are open. As we are not taking advance payments and there is COVID-related cancellation policy, we encourage you to make your bookings.

Support the arts where you can humans. Our industry has taken such a huge hit, with historic theaters on the brink of closure, families left destitute and mental health taking more lives.

  • Go to the cinema

  • Throw coins in the hat of the busker

  • Book the show

  • Donate to the theaters and performers

  • And anything else you can do that presents itself.

If you are feeling super charitable and would like to help me support my business and baby during this crisis, we would be eternally grateful.

"A world without art is just, EH"

We love you human BeanZ! We will survive!!!!