COVID-19 The BeanZ Amendment- Updated April 11th 2020

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In this article we are going to talk to you about...

  • Solutions for future events including: party credit, free flexibility rights, virtual parties and discount for future bookings.

  • All our current and future bookings

  • How we are adapting our performances

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COVID-19 offers

  • Free flexibility rights to ALL bookings during crisis

  • 15% off ALL upfront payments (even if it is for a 2021 booking)

  • Free birthday video dedication to all our clients who have birthday's during lock-down

  • Birthday party credit, deposit only until your work situation has returned to normal

  • Virtual birthday party during social-distancing

We have been watching what has been happening in human BeanZ land from our lovely little cloud and wanted to let you know, we are still here for you all. In fact, we are now even MORE motivated to get down there and share more joy and light.

Dr BeanZ has been giving us lots of examinations and advice and we have been given a clean bill of health.

Our mission to spread joy and create magical memories with children, is still a priority. We want to reassure you that WE ARE STILL IN!

Making decisions about upcoming events are not easy at the moment. Should success come around as quickly as the problem did, we will all want to get right back into the swing of spring and summer.

Yes, we are still open for bookings. Birthdays are still happening, and we will help you make the next one incredible. We have made some adjustments to help tackle the coming weeks.

If you want your event to go ahead, then **YES we are in!**

We are on standby for last minute changes and will work with you in whatever way possible to keep these fun experiences happening. Whether it is this weekend or a few weekends away, we are in!!!

Call Gemma today to discuss your free flexibility rights and party credit


Read on for more information


But we have made some changes to help support you through the current crisis.

ALL party bookings affected by COVID-19 have free flexibility rights.

You can change the date if needed and we will make you an absolute priority for re-booking. We are allowing clients to make changes up to the night before the event, which is not something we normally practice.

Birthday party credit!

There are all sorts of cash flow and social restrictions rising as a result of the emergency procedures taking place.

In light of this you can book with a deposit as usual, but not pay the remainder of the fee until AFTER social restrictions have been lifted. Even if we perform for you before this happens.

So you could party in May and pay in June!

If you would like the whole thing to be a little cheaper, then we are offering 15% off full up-front payments. You still have free flexibility rights.

For all our prices

Call Gemma today to discuss your upcoming event.

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Virtual Parties

Still want a celebration with social distancing?

While we still maintain that birthday parties as sooooooo much better live, if you need something more to happen on the actual day, then we have this solution.

Virtual parties are on offer during the shut-down period.

We will host a 1 hour interactive live party online, through Zoom.

A digital invite created for your guests

A tutorial on how to use zoom created for your guests

A one hour time slot dedicated to your birthday star and their guests

Some of your questions answered…

How many can we invite?

Even though we don’t normally have a restriction on number of kids at an event, we would recommend during these times you keep the invites below 20.

Venues are unstable at the moment, can we celebrate at home?

Lots of you have suggested small home parties for your little one’s next birthday. Yes of course, we have always done these anyway and are happy to continue.

What if we need to self-isolate?

You have free flexibility rights, which means you can rearrange your party right up to the night before while the country is in red-alert. We will make you a priority and do our best to get you a better date.

When would we need to rearrange?

- You and your family must self-isolate

- The guests all decline to come

- The venue closes

- The government enforces a complete lock-down.

What if our entertainer needs to self-isolate?

We are a team so have performers on standby in case this is the case.

We also have a list of well respected entertainers in the local area to call upon. We are very selective on who we call, so rest assured you will have a high quality performance whatever happens.


As we are around children all the time, we already have lots of procedures in place to protect ourselves and our children.

**What are we doing to cope with up-coming events:**

  • Removing the glitter tattoo and body art section. We will be replacing these with different items, depending on the strengths of your entertainer. Your entertainer will discuss this with you on your courtesy call.

  • The raspberries in the magic spell and the CraZy BeanZ salute are on pause until further notice

  • High fives and fist bumps won’t be used for now

  • All entertainers carry sanitiser

  • All kit is sanitised and cleaned between events

  • We will ask the kids to wash their hands when they arrive and before they eat.

  • The CraZy BeanZ have promised not to do any site seeing here in human BeanZ land between gigs until the current situation is resolved. They will go straight back up the rainbow after each event.

We recommend avoiding over 20 people at a party if you can, but for the time being if you have more than this coming then of course we are still happy to continue. It is a recommendation not an order.

**If you run into any of the following problems, then we are happy to rearrange at no extra cost…**

- You and your family must self-isolate

- The guests all decline to come

- The venue closes

Solutions we have on offer

While we can't offer refunds for parties already contracted, we do have solutions

  • Home hosted parties with a smaller group (we do this all the time anyway, so we are already prepared for this).

  • Party credit. We will keep your contract and credit for you until you have a suitable location and date. We will keep it for as long as it takes. Your party is safe!

  • We will send a gift and a video dedication to all children who have had to change their party date

I am here human BeanZ. Just give me a call.


Fun and Sparkles


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