Christmas 2020 is not Cancelled!

  • Thank you

  • Surviving COVID

  • Doorstep/home Elf visits

  • Virtual Elf messages

I am writing this on day 2 of the 2nd lockdown here in the UK.

While we haven't had the chance to perform at full capacity since March, we have been doing our best to keep afloat.

First of all I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated money to CraZy BeanZ. You have helped to keep us going this year. Without you there would be no CraZy BeanZ!

If you want to donate or find out why humans have been supporting us, have a look at our last article.

Surviving COVID!

Virtual parties have been a surprising success, (I am now a converted skeptic)!

We have had the chance to celebrate birthdays and festivals with many little humans across the country, in your homes!!

Isn't technology amazing?

Christmas season is shaping up to be very different but still very MAGICAL!!!

Usually we would be near fully booked with an abundance of bookings for Christmas parties, events, school and nursery shows, home visits and all the winter birthdays. This year we are focusing on our Elfy BeanZ home visits.

If we are in lockdown, the visits will take place on the doorstep or front lawn. This is also an option for humans wishing to keep their distance. Otherwise, Elfy will be popping in within the rule of six (hoping this returns) or two households. We shall see come December 2nd.

Either way, the visits are STILL HAPPENING!

On top of this, Elfy is now including a balloon twisted gift with every visit.

We are taking home visit bookings throughout the month of December now.

This means Elfy is out on the rounds for the entire month.

Book your visit today

Where are we covering?

  • West Sussex

  • South Kent

  • Est Sussex

  • Surrey

  • Epsom and Surrounding areas

Not in our catchment area? Get yourself a virtual message from Elfy instead.

Fun and Sparkles Human BeanZ!

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