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Personalised birthday presents for your birthday stars

At the time of writing this, I have already been a parent for two and half years. What I have learned in these two years, is A LOT! But I am going to focus on a specific here. What I have learned is that my tiny man always has something to do and something to play with. I just can’t resist getting him toys to tantalise his new skills and interests. Not to mention the throng of aunties, uncles, godparents, grand parents and friends who shower him with love and gifts every time we visit each other, or a celebration passes.

I am finding spaces I didn’t know existed to keep these items. Forever moving them around into new positions, so to trick him into thinking they are new again. Hiding some in the loft ready for the next rotation (motivated by his growing disinterest in the same toys, unless someone else comes to play of course, then they’re ALL HIS!).

So when it comes to a birthday or Christmas celebration, I often have to have a big old think about WHAT to get him. Often the most wanted items on tiny man’s list have been shown to the family, only to be met by a chorus of ‘SHOTGUN!’ Meaning they’re getting that one. Hmmm? What to get him now?

Then there is the moment when I get a party invite for one of his friends. I look around the rooms full of toys in my own little home and put myself into the shoes of the mother hosting the birthday party. Well of course it is the same in their household. We often have natter about it at playdates (‘learning to share dates’ we call them these days), so I know they don’t need anything either.

“Don’t get him anything, we just want you there at the party!” mum of birthday boy says to me. Of course, she is genuine, but the traditionalist inside me can’t bear the thought of arriving with nothing for little birthday boy. Arriving empty handed to the party, especially when everyone else has brought something along feels a little bit awkward.

Certainly, I don’t arrive empty handed with the excuse being, ‘Couldn’t think what to get!’

No, I couldn’t think what to get, but I got something anyway. With many of the empathic guests being in the same boat, little birthday boy is now kitted with enough playdough to see him through to graduation.

Of course, if mum is adamant on having a stress-free party full of fully engaged and excitable children, then you’ll be attending one of our famous CraZy BeanZ parties. These include full two hours of birthday party entertainment, with unique themed characters and WELL trained children's party entertainers. If I might say so myself (wink).

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As a small business owner and most importantly, a mum, I join many mumpreneur networking groups. My goodness, the amount of driven, talented and selfless mums (and dads), I have met is truly inspiring. The people I meet at the events are motivated by THEIR KIDS. This little ray of sunshine comes along and suddenly priorities shift. The careers they had invested so much time in before kids (BK), are suddenly sacrificed and new ways to work and have quality time with their mini-mes, are invented.

What has this all got to do with unique gifts? I hear you ask.

Oh gifts! These women and men are a gift. They gave the gift of life. Now I am giving them to you as a gift! These particular business owners have created a line of bespoke and beautiful gifts, that always get a reaction. Tried and tested by CraZy BeanZ employees and clients, here are some of our favourite personalised items, made by local mums!

Olivier’s boutique

Olivier's boutique offer a range of unique clothing for 0-6 year olds. The item that we love for birthday party present are the personalised items. They will print anything you ask for on your little birthday star's clothing. Olivier's boutique even work on colour and style with you.

I am speaking from experience of course. Here is an item we had made for our own Baby BeanZ. Unicorns are for boys too!

Oliver's boutique was created by mummy Laura shortly after her son. Here is her story...

"I was inspired to create Olivier's Boutique shortly after my son Olivier was born.

Whilst creating a wardrobe for my, soon to arrive baby boy; I realised there was very little variety in boys clothing.

Inspired by the countryside around us and for my love of designing, I wanted to create animal themed baby, children's clothing and accessory range.

I wanted this range to be fun! Something a little different, with vibrant colours and something which you and your photographs would treasure forever. So this was the start of Olivier's Boutique."

Dollie Graphics

Dollie graphics is perfect for anything personalised! There are so many unique an beautiful gift ideas here, all made with such thought and care by the wonderful mummy who runs the show.

Go and have a look at all the wonderful items they produce.

Below is a personalised unicorn. We bought this item for a little birthday star at her unicorn themed birthday party. She LOVED it! I still get a show of the beloved thing every time we go for a visit.

Twililght BeanZ is our resident unicorn entertainer. Find out more about our unicorn themed party entertainment here.

Another of our favourite items is the stick family. I get this portrait all the time for loved ones and it is always put straight up on the wall with pride and joy.

Just a couple of items worth mentioning based on our own experiences. You can have a good old virtual rummage on Dollie Graphics website. Stay active too as she is always releasing new items.

A bit of a back story on our Dollie Graphic mum (DGM). DGM is the mother of three energetic and very beautiful boys. While having her hands full with these guys, DGM runs her business from home. The beauty of running a business from home is BEING home! Precious moments after all!

DGM doesn't just do this though, she also has a part-time job elsewhere.

My goodness, I don't know how she does it all.

Every time I go to her place of business (her home), it is beautiful, clean, full of happy boys and smells amazing. She is always so calm and friendly too. Hats off to this working mummy, she deserves it all!

Button moon art

The art wow! I have just discovered this local artist and put in three orders for upcoming gifts already. I met the artist at a networking meeting and she brought along some of the designs. I was sold! They are so beautiful an UNIQUE!

Again they are personalised, so you can get the perfect picture for the star of the birthday party.

Button moon arts

Photography for Little People with Rebecca Downie

While we perform our kids party entertainment, Becky snaps those golden moments. The wonderful thing about Becky is, SHE GETS KIDS! Becky knows how to with them and capture those moments. If you have ever had any experience of trying to capture kids playing games at a children's birthday party, then you will know it all ends up in a blurred mess. Becky conquers this.

We use Photography for Little People for some our own party shots, as well as some of our clients using them too. Below is an example of some work Becky has done for us.

This is a picture taken at one of our dinosaur themed children's parties. Deano BeanZ is our resident dinosaur keeper, Deano always brings Rexy BeanZ along, the best behaved of all the CraZy BeanZ land dinosaurs. Find out more about Deano and Rexy here. Perfect if you are looking for a dinosaur themed children's party entertainer!

FairKind Child

Fairkind Child provide a multitude of environmentally friendly items for children and families. The fact that most of the toys are either made from recycled materials are wood, gives them so much value and character.

We love Fairkind Child and often to avoid to going in for fear of spending more money! The items in here either too beautiful, a great idea or delicious. Lots of temptation.

Our favourite items are the wooden push alongs. Baby BeanZ has a tractor and an ambulance and has loved them day dot.

Fairkind Child also supplies Tiny Land art materials. These are a selection of taste safe, non-toxic, home made art items. Any of you have a child like mine who insists on tasting his art before using it?

If you do then get yourself some Tiny Land! It will give you a peace of mind when they are creating mess and textures!

Not booked your entertainment yet? Never fear, have a look here.

Go visit the websites and have a trawl. Get in touch with these yummy mummies, they are all so lovely and great to do business with. Plus, their kids are super cute!

Did you get something? Show us your pictures! Tell us how the recipient responded. Share your reviews. We are always keen to hear about your experiences with these amazing mumpreneurs!