• Gemma

7 questions answered about our packages

You ask and we deliver! That is of course what we strive to do for your events. These questions we get asked a lot and quite rightly so. Your concern for our most important clients (the children), is what helps us to be the best that we can! Never stop questionning human BeanZ! There is no such thing as a silly question, especially if this is your first CraZy BeanZ experience!

Watch the video to see our 'human in charge', take the floor with your most important questions about our packages. Or you can read our answers if you scroll down.

Will the girls/boys be catered for?

Yes absolutely! All our content is gender neutral, all our characters are CraZy! We have enough engagement strategies in our content to ensure that the children feel safe and want to join in. Unicorns aren't just for girls! Let your birthday star decide which character they want. For an event, choose a character that suits your theme! Boys, girls, grans, dads, the receptionist and Uncle Simon, all love our characters by the end of the event.

Is there a limit on the number of children we can invite?

No limit! Invite the whole class and the adjoining class and all the cousins!

Just remember safety! Make sure you know your venue and have ensured there is plenty of room for your guest-list to move around. Whilst there are no guidelines on supervision ratios for non-educational environments, we run a strict company policy on never dropping below 1:15 adult to child ratio. We don't include ourselves in this number, it must be maintained by the client. This rarely happens as parents are nearly always present at our events, as most of our tiny clients are below the age of 8.

Do you provide music?

Yes we do! We come along with a portable 100W PA and mic system, that fills all the spaces we perform in. They have batteries, so perfect for our outdoor events and wire free where possible! You got a song request? No problem, let us know in advance and we will add it to the playlist.

Will the children get bored if they have been to one of your parties before?

Lets answer this question with a question. Do your children get bored when you take them to the same swimming pool and play park? Do they get bored if they watch a movie they enjoyed more than once? Kids love repetition! It is an incredibly important part of their development, as repetition leads to mastery. Children are also much more skilled at being present in the moment, than the grown-ups. Mindfulness is their whole existence! They completely lose themselves in the magic of the event, movie, activity, whatever it is they are doing again.

Another question for this question: what was the reason you wanted to book a CraZy BeanZ package? Was it because your child asked for it after attending one of our events? Was it because you saw a CraZy BeanZ event and wanted that product? There is a reason our material looks good and works; it is rehearsed, planned, dissected and re-worked. We do adapt to our audience and have elements of improvisation in our work, but we never make it up on the spot folks.

Do you do pass the parcel or musical statues?

Our packages are so much more than party games on the lawn. It is an immersive experience, full of adventure and diversity. We run non-elimination games where the children are involved all the time! Nobody is out and no-one is sat waiting for their turn. We also have a plot for each event. While one or two of the the games may look similar to traditional games, we adapt and change them to fit in with our story.

Wahoo! That's the lot. As you can see, the details matter to us. The children are in for a truly unique and magical experience with the CraZy BeanZ crew.