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Party Hacks-Food

Last time we gave you some hot top tips for party bags. CraZy BeanZ have recently partnered with Sammy’s Sweet Treats, so if you do follow tip 1 and order them pre-made, this is a fantastic company to order from. They are the perfect accompaniment for a CraZy BeanZ party. You can order through us or direct from Sammy’s Sweet Treats.

As promised, this entry’s focus is food. I'm sure we all agree that food was much simpler way back when we were the attendees. Everyone helped themselves to the same food, which was a bit of jam slapped between two slices of bread and a cocktail sausage on a stick. Who can forget the mountain of jelly or the tower of French fancies? Everyone ate the same thing. The only option on offer was blackcurrant or orange. Wow, how lucky were you when you went to a cherry pop party?

Enough reflecting and more hacking. You have thirty children coming to little Pixie’s party, three of which are vegan, two halal, a nut allergy, egg allergy, another with a milk allergy… The list goes on. You’ve whittled it down to cucumber being the only thing you can serve. Not a very fun party feast.

Fear not! Try these tasty top tips.

Tip 1: Hire a caterer. Oh swanky swoo, but if you can afford it, do it! You’ll save yourself the time, stress and be supporting a local business. They’ll also be pros at tailoring to dietary requirements.

Tip 2: Check out the CraZy BeanZ kid safe menu. Email enquiries@crazybeanz.co.uk for your copy. We have put together a simple menu that should hopefully address all dietary requirements, in one easy shop. Not got time to buy it? Click and collect or order online. Failing that, find a spare family member and ask them for this teeny tiny favour and to just grab a few bits on their way over, then send them the list. “Thank you, love you, see you soon. X”

Tip 3: Have a food focused party. The children can have fun preparing their own food and mastering a life skill at the same time, while you snap a quick photo and sample another sip of that delicious cappuccino. Many Italian places hold pizza making parties, the kids love it. Or if you want something extra special, The Crafty Cupcake hold cupcake making parties. Oh how delicious! That is the cake sorted too. Stick a candle in, boom! Parent of the year award. You can see how beautiful their work is in the following images. They do party cakes too, order yours by following the link. The perfect partner for a CraZy BeanZ party.

Tip 4: Picnic party, hurray! If everyone brings their own food, you’re sorted. If you’ve got a winter birthday, do a pot luck party. A pot luck party; everyone brings a dish and then you all tuck in. Yum!

Tip 5: Takeaway! Pizza has always been a popular one for a takeaway feast, but the choice is yours. Many are starting to do GF and DF options now, so more options for your little feeders. If you’re lucky enough to get your gig on a Tuesday, you can take advantage of the 2for1 offers. Keep collecting those takeaway vouchers shoved through your letter box for the big day. You’ll get plenty for your money.

Five tips as promised. Would love to hear your ideas if you have any. Next time we will be talking, decorations.

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