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Party Hacks- Party Bags

You've booked the hall, the entertainer and sent out all the invites with a sigh of relief. Right, you can check that job off your list...

If only it was that simple. As the day draws closer, you realise there are so many more details you haven't yet considered. Where are the RSVPs? What if one of the kids has an allergy or are vegan? What are they going to eat? PARTY BAGS! AHHHH! You remember the assortment of party favours that your child has come home with and think, gosh everyone is a Pinterest wizard! Balloons, music, what if they need the toilet? What if a parent is late? Bin bags, cups, plates. At this point you're wondering why you didn't just take them to Legoland after all.

Don't fret, the next few posts will be full of tips, tricks and recommendations to help you ease the load and enjoy the party!

This week's focus; party favours.

The easiest way to cope with party bags, is to just not. But we do all like to show a thank you in different ways. You can do party favours with your own personal touch, without breaking your back.

Tip 1: Order them pre-made! Your entertainer may do them, one of your fellow mums may have a home run business. Check out the local parent and networking pages on social media and ask for recommendations. You will be surprised what people come back with. "So it wasn't Pinterest wizardry after all?"

I'll get you started with the first recommendation. Personlised lollipops from Dollie Graphics. They are really sweet and affordable. You will get a great service from this working mumma. Here's the link for your perusal https://www.dolliegraphics.co.uk/personalised-lollipops

Tip 2: Order online! Don't break your back running from shop to shop trying to find the right coloured party bag and 30 bouncy balls. I am sure you have got enough going on to fill your day with. You will also find things a lot cheaper if you order in bulk.

Tip 3: Book a crafty entertainer. Then they can create something with the children during the party and take it home with them. Presto, job done. Pat on back, pop open the bubbly.

Tip 4: Lucky dip activity. If you haven't got the time to stuff thirty bags with thirty times five, six, seven or whatever number of favours, then do the lucky dip. Pour all the favours into a box, make a hand sized hole in the top and let the little ones fish for the goodies. They can even pick up their own bag to fill from the pile laid out ready for them next to the lucky dip. You've also just created another fun activity for them to engage with during any dead time.

Tip 5: Delegate. Have you got friends or family ready to muck in? Assign them their official party bag manager badge and say you look forward to seeing what they come up with. You can even have the birthday girl/boy do the party bag stuffing in preparation for their big day.

Tip 5: One favour. Skip the bag and hand over one fun thank you item. A bubble wand is a great one. The kids go nuts for them! Just make sure you give them out as they exit the venue. You don't want thirty bubble solution spills. That would lead to a painful clean up.

Five tips for you there folks. Would love to hear any more if you have them. Next time I will be talking about food. Oh yes, watch this space.

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