10 positive moments during Lock-down

It has no doubt, been one of the most extraordinary times of our life experiences.

There has been much pain, fear, support, heroics, sacrifices… the list goes on.

Watching the news, cruising through social media, are enough to make anyone want to disappear into the sunset (for a poolside holiday no doubt).

We at CraZy BeanZ Land love watching and learning about the human ways, but the news and media were not for us, so we switched them off and turned to you.

The news that we have really engaged with is YOUR news. The stories of the people, the individuals, the faces of humanity. How you are all adapting to your new lifestyles. The lengths you are all going to, to keep your little people, vulnerable people, your cherished ones and your neighbours safe and accounted for.

Not to mention the love you are giving to yourselves. We are noting many of you are looking brighter in different ways.

Every story is unique and personal.

We love and respect all of you human BeanZ and deeply empathise with the different experiences you are having.

For this article, we want to share all your successes and little wins with the world.

As well as watching your stories online, we sent out a questionnaire to parents, to see if there were any silver linings in their lives.

And so we present, the beauty within the storm. 10 silver linings.

10 positives during lock-down

Not having to commute

Oh yes this is a big one in so many ways.

Time saved in the day, money saved on expensive petrol, planet saved from pollution, a bit more time in bed (we would hope).

The extra time with my family

Many of you have remarked on how much you craved extra time with your spouses and babes before lock-down. Despite the challenges, we had lots of comments on how lovely it was to have this time with them now.

Cooking so many fresh meals

This one was popular. Some of you have been indulging in the baking yourselves, others reported being spoiled by family members with yummy home cooked dishes. Having that extra time to plan all your meals, turns it into a big part of the day-to-day. It all looks delicious human BeanZ.

Exercising every day

WOW! We were surprised by how many of you said this was happening. EVERY DAY! That is incredible. The amount of resources available to us for exercise is amazing. Youtube is stuffed with free programmes and challenges. Then, if you are blessed with the weather and the land, there is world of walking, running, cycling, skipping and jumping out there.

Does running after a toddler count as daily exercise?


This has been a lifeline for many of you during these times. Giving yourself the space to be and allow. Transition always has it's challenges and this transition was over night! With the added uncertainty of how long and what next, emotions and energy levels are a challenge.

Keep making time for yourself folks. You are parents yes, but you are also YOU!

Reading more

Not only are you cracking through pieces of literature for yourself, you are modelling to your children the gift that reading gives us. They see everything that we do and promoting reading by engaging in it yourself, is one of the best home-schooling strategies, you can have for your kids.

Connecting with neighbours I have never spoken to before

Isn’t it funny that isolation can bring together so many people? The experience unites us all. The community support and the neighbourhood volunteers are a real credit to the true nature of human BeanZ. When all is stripped away, you truly are caring creatures, who look out for each other’s wellbeing.

Watching my child develop daily

Ah, we love this. This comment was particularly common in parents with young children, who change SOOOO quickly day to day. Being at work for most of the week, you do miss moments.

Baby BeanZ has certainly made sure we don’t miss a THING!

Connecting with old friends and family virtually

Isn’t it funny how hard it was to meet-up with everybody and fit it all into our busy lives? Then suddenly we are seeing these people more than before we went into lockdown. We all knew about Facetime, Zoom, Skype etc before. And we were using it of course, but the need to use it now, to scratch that itch to socialise, has reminded us of how easy it is to connect.

A lot of you were talking about weekly quiz sessions with old uni mates etc. One spoke of a uni reunion that was scheduled for this time, that took place online and as a result the attendance was so much higher than the original RSVPs. Those with newborns etc, could suddenly attend. Those living abroad could attend. Those limitations were gone, so something very special happened.

Discovering so many places in my own neighbourhood

The pictures of green spaces have been our favourite. The time of year and the weather have really attributed to these. If you didn’t have a dog or bike before lockdown, it is likely you have discovered many new walking and cycling networks in your area.

West Sussex, Surrey and Kent are RICH in secret spots and public footpaths.