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If there are children in need of entertainment, stimulation, supervision and adventure, then we're in! Our packages are mobile, so we come to you! While birthday parties are our most popular packages, we do cover a range of events and celebrations. Just ask us and we will make it work for you. 

What do most packages include?

  • Interested kids - we add an adventure plot so that the kids want to participate

  • FUN FUN FUN - we handpicked and designed Games that are inclusive and make everyone play at your children’s birthday

  • Let the ENERGY out - kids have so much energy and we help them release it in a safe and fun way with our Music and Dance

  • ACTUALLY INTERESTING - our Magic show will even fascinate the adults

  • Balloon Modelling with a TWIST- no waiting in line for an hour. We teach the kids how to create their OWN balloons!

  • We bring the rainbow to the party- with our 24ft parachute. Even the adults like to play!

  • Silly Puppets- Monkey BeanZ, you cheeky monkey! Better watch out for him, he’s a bit of a monkey!

  • Bubbles- we all know the magic a bubble possesses. The children always go crazy for our bubble competitions.

  • Glitter Tattoos - all the colours of the rainbow, of course. Each child is given their own tattoo, while they share a moment with their BeanZ character during their lunch break (we don’t take breaks so you can relax!)

  • Masters of Mischief- what a bunch of CraZy BeanZ! Full of energy and fun, the kids just love all our characters. Hoofing mad they are!


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!” George Bernard-Shaw

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CHoose a pAckage

The CraZy BeanZ will take the children on a fully immersive action packed adventure. 
Magical memories are created and tiny inventors are nurtured
We pack in the four Cs into every party
Creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication
SEN friendly adaptions of our parties are available upon request.
Portrait of laughing children bride and
Outdoor Family Day
Toddler in Christmas Tree Farm

  "I couldn’t rate CraZy BeanZ highly enough! We had the most incredible party celebrating my little boy turning 5 and it was all because of the fantastic CraZy BeanZ! She kept the kids completely fixated on her for 2 hours, and there were laughs and squeals a plenty! From the moment she arrived she was on hand to keep my kids entertained whilst we set up. She interacted with the children and made sure everyone were having a brilliant time! 

We will definitely be having her back again next year, thank you so much CraZy BeanZ!!!!" Emily March 2019


Birthday parties for 0-2 year olds


The Baby BeanZ package

These first birthdays are so special for us parents. It marks a year (or two) since you went through one of the biggest journeys of your life. This tiny person has spent the last year learning and growing at a rapid rate and teaching you things about your new self. This birthday is your big day too! You did all the work after all folks! What an honour it is for the CraZy BeanZ to share this milestone with you. 

We have worked tentatively and carefully on a package that is accessible at this early age, and is something that you can share with your tiny human BeanZ. 

For our smallest birthday boys and girls, we have a sensory, story telling package. A puppet show mixed with singing and dancing, we help to make those first and second birthdays memorable for the whole family.


Birthday parties for 3-7 year olds


Full TWO HOURS of action packed entertainment.

The children are taken on an immersive journey into the world of their character.

With high levels of pitch and pace, the children are FULLY ENGROSSED from start to finish.

Adults and older children LOVE to get stuck in too!

We don't leave anybody out!

  • The Main Package. Our most popular package. Includes the full story and all activities (games, dance, magic show, balloon modelling, parachutes, bubbles, silly puppets, glitter tattoos), music and a character of your choice.

  • The Disco Package. All the above including full disco set-up!

  • Want even more weight lifted off your shoulders? Then take a look at our Main Package with Food!

  • Check out the Rainbow Package for our full bell tent picnic experience. 

  • We also organise party food, cakes, balloon gifts, disco upgrades, face paint and a second entertainer!

Meet the characters by clicking on their images below.


Meet the Characters

Boys and girls LOVE our hoofing mad UNICORNS.

Have a ROARSOME adventure with our dancing Dinosaur duo.

Sail the seven colours of the rainbow with a potty pirate

Polished and perfect princess, NOT!!!! This Princess is NOT just for GIRLS!

Discover a world so fascinating to our FAIRY, the human BeanZ world!

She's raving MAD about TREASURE our mermaid.

Deep in the jungle is a creature NEW to you all, the ZigerBear.

SUPER HEROES, UNITE! Kids love our super hero training. 

CRAZY BEANZ!!!! Straight from over the rainbow. LOVES the human BeanZ and scoffs Jelly BeanZ, watch out for NAUGHTY BEANZ!

CraZy BeanZ
CraZy BeanZ

Crazy Beanz loves parties! There is nothing better than a party with the human beanz according to CraZy BeanZ. If you are lucky enough to have Crazy Beanz at your party, then you will get to share the jelly beans! Wait a minute, those are not jelly beans! Looks like Crazy Beanz needs the help of the chilly beanz (children), again.

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Twilight BeanZ
Twilight BeanZ

Join Twilight Beanz at Unicorn academy, where she trains all the chilly beanz (children), to become real life unicorns. They all get to celebrate in CraZy BeanZ land with Twilight BeanZ to guide them.

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Deano BeanZ
Deano BeanZ

Deano BeanZ is a highly talented dinosaur keeper from the land of the CraZy BeanZ. Uh oh, Rexy BeanZ, Deano's pet dinosaur, needs feeding. Better get everyone back to CraZy BeanZ land quick before he gets too hungry and starts eating the party food!

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Marina BeanZ
Marina BeanZ

Marina Beanz has come to the land of two legs to learn about human beanz life. Who better to learn from than the great mischief makers themselves, the chilly beanz, (aka children).

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Captain BeanZ
Captain BeanZ

Captain Beanz has lost the treasure and needs the help of the chilly beanz (children), to find it! Join the captain’s crew and set sail on the Jolly Great Jelly Bean.

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Jungle BeanZ
Jungle BeanZ

Jungle BeanZ is a Zigerbear from CraZy BeanZ land. Jungle BeanZ wants to learn all about the animals in human BeanZ land. What noises do they make? Can they talk like Jungle BeanZ? ​ Animal, safari and jungle creature fans love Jungle BeanZ!

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Super BeanZ
Super BeanZ

Super Beanz is on a mission to protect the world by creating more super heroes. When better to start super hero training than on your next birthday? Join Super Beanz and help protect the world!

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Princess BeanZ
Princess BeanZ

Princess Beanz loves to share her riches at parties. Oh no! Someone has taken her precious jelly beanz! Help Princess Beanz to recover her royal riches.

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Fairy BeanZ
Fairy BeanZ

Fairy Beanz is recruiting chilly beanz (children), in her mission to teach the grown-up human beanz how to have real fun! Come with Fairy Beanz on her course of games and story telling and help to keep the magic alive.

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Genie Beanz
Genie Beanz

Genie BeanZ is magical and very intuitive. She knows just what wishes will be required at any great kids event. Join Genie on a mission to reveal all the wishes and challenges faced at her events.

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Tricky BeanZ
Tricky BeanZ

Tricky BeanZ is now available for Halloween disco and party bookings. Tricky has a few tricks up her sleeve this Halloween!

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Elfy BeanZ
Elfy BeanZ

Elfy Beanz loves to party and play in this festive season. Our CraZy Christmas elf works extra hard all year round, to guarantee time off during this busy month to come and play!

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What does a CraZy BeanZ party look like?

Woman with White Shirt

"Captain Beanz did a fantastic job at my daughter's birthday party. Captain BeanZ was great with the kids, most of whom have SEN, targeted everything just right and kept them engaged. They had a brilliant pirate adventure and it was great to see them having so much fun. Highly recommend." Karen September 2018


Seasonal Characters

Christmas party, Easter party, Halloween disco, elf visit to your home, office party with the kids. Whatever you have got going on for the next big holiday, you'll want one of our seasonal BeanZ.

All these characters deliver packages that can be tailored to your event.

Just give us a call  or send us an email with details of your event and we will put something together just for you!

Click an image below to find out more.

"I have seen lots of entertainers, but these guys really understand kids. I have never seen that many children engaged for so long. Even the older ones joined in! We will definitely be booking CraZy BeanZ for our daughter's birthday in November." Tony, April 2019

Smiling Woman

"Elfy BeanZ came to our Christmas party and I cannot begin to tell you how good she was! Children of all ages were totally captivated by Elfy and the adults were equally blown away by Efly's energy, the packed schedule of fun events and songs and not to mention her fabulous costume and character. Such a professional and amazing service that I'll definitely be booking again as it was worth every penny! Thanks Efly!" Michelle 2018



kids clubs 4-12 years


7+ Birthday Parties

In the Balloon modelling workshop, the children will be taught to make their own balloon modelling creations. Starting with guided sculptures, the children move on to create their own master pieces. The amount they learn in this short time period is incredible.

These packages provide the children with an experience that equips them with new skills, all based on our four cs; confidence, creativity, collaboration, communication.


This package is perfect for; kids clubs, scouts and girl guide groups, holiday clubs, summer camps, after school clubs and schools. 


"Dylan loved the balloon workshop. He came home with all these designs, I have no idea how he made them! Thank you for making his time at holiday club so much fun." Dec 2018.  


Events and Weddings

Every event is unique, but the kids remain the same; full of magic, imagination and in need of occupation. Tell us what you have got planned and we will write a programme especially for you. Whether you need the kids entertained during the speeches at your big day, or you need a unicorn story teller in the the yurt at this years annual fest, just tell us what you need, we will make it happen. You can invite any of our CraZy BeanZ characters!

We cover all sorts

  • Family fun days

  • Festivals

  • Staff parties

  • Coroporate events

  • Soft play

  • Restaurants

  • Weddings

  • Christenings

  • 50th birthdays/wedding anniversaries

We could go on and on, but what it really all comes down to is if you have kids there, we are in! 

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Bride & Groom

"Crazy Beanz came to our wedding and was just perfect. We wanted something quiet and subtle to occupy the children yet entertaining enough to occupy them. Crazy Beanz totally did that! She was fantastic and would highly recommend "  Rebecca July 2018.