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What will happen on the day?

We need to talk! Tell us about your event.

Once we know all the details,

then we can put together the perfect package for you.

You may be holding a family fun day,

planning the wedding of the century,

running a corporate event, christening,

50th with all the kids and family there,

social club gathering, summer fete, Christmas fair, festival... Whatever the event is, we will have something for your little guests. 

You pick a character and give us the details

of the event and we will create the programme.

Examples of packages to choose from...

Non-stop entertainment package

This is the package you need if you want the children fully engaged for the full two-hour session.

The children are taken on an adventure with their BeanZ character. Throughout the programme, they will be gearing up for their journey into CraZy BeanZ. Uh oh! Naughty BeanZ has taken the jelly beans? The children will need to help their BeanZ character by using their magic fingers!

How is this structured?

  • 1hr is non-stop entertainment. (These sessions are high energy, so this is a good point to break the kids to maintain their stamina).

  • 30 mins refreshment and body glitter!

  • 30 mins imagination section and magic show


What is included in this package?

  • Personalised digital invite for your guests

  • Games, dancing and parachute

  • Bubbles

  • A cheeky puppet

  • Magic show!

  • Music system and mic for entertainer

  • Jelly BeanZ (these are the biggest part of the magic show and plot).

  • Balloon twisting workshop will be dependent on the number of guests. We can discuss this in more detail.


2 hours £240

3 hours £350

Full day £600




The Programme

This works great for events with a steady footfall and where other things are happening at the same time. An example would be a festival or family-fun-day. We would tailor programme after discussing the details with you, but here is an example in the meantime of how it could look:


12-12:15pm: Adventure time!

12:15-12:30pm Story Telling

12:30-12:45pm: Balloon modelling workshop

12:45-1pm: Adventure Time!

1:15-1:30pm Story Telling

1:30-1:50pm Magic Show or Bubble workshop

1:50-2pm: Photos


2 hours £240

3 hours £350

Full day £600

Balloon modelling with a twist

We like to mix it up a bit with our balloon modelling. Kids waiting around in lines doesn’t correspond with our philosophies. Our balloon modelling packages are interactive. There are two ways we deliver them.


Balloon modelling and storytelling (Up to two hours, or on a loop for free flow events)

How this looks

  • Balloon modelling quiz show. The kids win balloons based on the questions delivered throughout the construction of the model. Everyone is involved, no one is bored.

  • The story. We create a story with the children, revealing a couple of masterpieces throughout the plot. The children will interact with the story using their models.



2 hours £240

3 hours £350

Full day £600

If we haven't talked about your event already, then lets do it now and create the perfect programme for you and your guests.