Frequently asked questions


Do you provide music?

Yes we bring a portable PA and playlist tailored to your theme.


Do you have a male super hero or pirate?

Will the unicorn/fairy/princess be too girly for the boy guests? 

 Our packages and characters are designed to appeal to all children. We are aware that there will be a mixture of ages and gender and so try to accommodate this. Our characters are always a hit with the children, whatever the gender and sometimes age! It's not unheard of for the older siblings to get stuck in. 

Do you have your own venue?

We are a mobile service, so come to you for your event. No living room is too small or hall too big! We will always ask  you about venue size and guest list so we can tailor the party to your needs. 

Is there a limited number of children we can invite?

We generally prep our parties for 30 children. If you think you will have more in attendance, just let us know at least two weeks in advance, so we have ample time to prep your party. We will alter the activities to suit your guest list. 

Do you do pass the parcel?

Our parties are designed to be fast paced and full of activities, which keep all the children engaged at once. We recommend you do this activity yourself, either before or after your entertainer's arrival. It is a nice way to keep the children all together and calm for a long period of time.